Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn a little more about what makes Jim Ward, Jim Ward of Man Versus Yoga.

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Why did Jim start Man Versus Yoga?

Social & Moral Injustice.

Why did Jim start the Podcast, Man Vs. Yoga?

At the behest of a girl.

What is Jim’s favorite Yoga Pose?


What pose vexes Jim the most?

None, they fall sooner or later.

What was Jim’s worst Yoga Experience?

Not Applicable.

What types of Yoga does Jim like most?

A great Flow class.

What is Jim’s craziest Yoga Story?

This podcast is full of them.  I dislike unnecessary repetition.

Who is Jim’s biggest inspiration?

I seem to share an absurd amount of similarities with Albert Einstein and John Lennon.  My friends think I must be the love child from their ghosts.

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