Interview with Author of “Ganja Yoga”, Dee Dussault

In Episode Twelve of the Award Winning podcast “Man Versus Yoga” we have Part One of our visit with the multi-faceted Dee Dussault, author of the soon to be released and very well reviewed book “Ganja Yoga” by HarperCollins.

Having read “Ganja Yoga”, I can testify to its greatness and have become fanboy number one for Dee. Episode Twelve continues our tradition of commenting on Life from the view of a yoga mat, rich in hyperbole and eccentricity.

The Intrepid Traveling Yogi & Tips for Winning at Yoga

In Episode Eleven of the Award Nominated podcast Man Versus Yoga, our hero is traveling intrepidly to further his Yoga training. This show also uncovers the dark art of a winning yoga practice and the metrics involved.

Man Versus Yoga again shows you a poignant yet dark perspective on life as seen from a yoga mat.

Tribal Yoga Training. Traveling To Brazil’s Amazon Rain Forest

In Episode Ten, our vaunted hero discusses the scourge of Angry Yoga and how he handles those times. Also, a Man Versus Yoga Music Recommendation goes to Explosions In The Sky

Finally, Man Versus Yoga is going to Acre, Brazil for further Yoga Training with a local tribe secluded in the Amazon rain forest. We will see South American Yoga being passed from one generation to Jim. Hold on to your mats for this wild ride.

Yoga World Unites in D.C. & Quixotic Yogic Philosophy

The highly anticipated Episode Nine of “Man Versus Yoga by Jim Ward, A Guy’s Guide To Beginners Yoga” has arrived. Listen as our Hero leads the Yoga Community for a showdown with the new White House.

Listen to our Hero wax philosophically about current events of the day from the purview of a yoga mat in this epic Episode Nine of Man Versus Yoga.

Yoga Hall of Fame Looms & Ganja, Laughter & Naked Yoga

EPISODE EIGHT! In Episode Eight, our Protagonist makes an amazing admission and takes us through the different types of yoga.

We cover Aerial Yoga, Ganja Yoga, Laughter Yoga and Naked Yoga with live reports. This episode captures the heartbeat of La Gente as translated from the view of a yoga mat.

Tales From Inside A Yoga Locker Room and The Critics Speak

In Episode Seven of award nominated Podcast “Man Versus Yoga”, Jim Ward divulges the insider secrets of the Yoga Locker Room. Riveting details spring forth in this can’t miss segment.

We also see Jim address his critics with a gauntlet being thrown. Thanks again to Episode Six guest Kate O’Rear, who can be found at http://bit.ly/2ipfJKK which we highly recommend!! This “existential” episode reacts to its surroundings, all from the view of a yoga mat.

Top Five Yoga Poses I Crush & Interviewing Yogini Greatness

In the Episode Six, we see our protagonist exploring the Top Five Yoga Poses I Crush. Also, Man Versus Yoga has a groundbreaking interview with the amazingly talented yogini, Kate O’Rear. Our vaunted hero also brings us this edition of Man Versus Yoga’s Music Recommendation – Cigarettes After Sex.

Award winning journalism. Listen to our hero wrestle with the issues of the day as seen from a yoga mat. Kate O’Rear can be found on InstaGram, @kate.yogini and on Twitter @GypsyKate7. Man Versus Yoga brings it full frontal once again!!

Picture Perfect Yoga Poses & Jim’s Struggle With Vanity

For Episode Five of the Award Nominated podcast “Man Versus Yoga”, Jim Ward explains the Transition to Ascension in choosing the right yoga classes for you.

In possibly too much candor, Jim opens up about his own struggles with Narcissism and the effects on his yoga practice. This episode reaches new heights, and depths, of the human experience as seen from a yoga mat.

Top Five Most Embarrassing Yoga Moments

In Episode Four, Jim covers this edition of the Duplicity of Yoga before diving into the first Top Five Yoga list of the year, his Top Five Most Embarrassing Yoga Moments.

A can’t miss episode that will surely go down in the annals as an instant classic.

Protecting the Family Jewels & Diversify Your Yoga Practice

Jim Ward’s third installment of Man Versus Yoga covers tricks on “Protecting the Family Jewels” while practicing Yoga, a MUST LISTEN for guys and their Family Jewels.

Diving into the blood and guts of a Guy’s Guide to Practicing Yoga, this stark narrative includes Jim’s hyperbole along with some real world advice for guys and gals starting a yoga practice.

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