Seeing The Art In Yoga and Accepting Toxic Grace

In Season Two, Episode Five we finally give the people what they wanted. Your questions being answered by Man in the tempestuous manner we have come to expect. It’s the Mailbag Q&A episode and begs the question, how much is too much information? These limits will be in jeopardy along with any remaining vestiges of good taste.

We see Man bear his soul, defending the Hedonism and moral flexibility with which he greets each new day, all from the view of a yoga mat…

Special Report: Inside The Yoga Reverse Country Club

A Pulitzer worthy expose is what the critics are saying about Season Two, Episode Four of Man Versus Yoga. A Special Report on the thing we dare not speak, the reverse yoga country club!! And Man is naming names, so hold onto what you’re holding because it’s going to get bumpy.

We witness Man staring into the abyss, and the abyss cowers beneath him, all from the view of a yoga mat…

Man Versus Yoga Major Announcement Plus Q&A Session With Man

In Season Two, Episode 3 we find our Hero at a crossroads, making a major announcement sure to shake the international yoga community to its foundation. Will he, won’t he, is he still lucid?? Also a Man Versus Yoga Music Recommendation for Pretty Lights.

Forging past scandal after scandal, our Hero proclaims to the world that he is not a role model, all from the view of a yoga mat,

Wistfully Looking Back At My Year in Yoga

It’s Here!! In Season Two, Episode Two our Hero’s has another Top Five Yoga List, we discuss Bikram Yoga founder’s mounting charges against him & Jim’s current winning streak. Winning is not everything, it is the only thing.

Our Hero espouses Yoga Dogma in his native tongue, or whatever that means, all from the view of a yoga mat.

SEASON TWO: Rapid Fire Yoga Edition & Stories From Jim’s Hiatus

In Season Two, Episode 1 – Our Hero takes us through a yoga war zone with a Rapid Fire edition: Yoga teachers, yoga attire for men and the BEST yoga he has ever had!!  Also, Jim discusses Hiatus activities like becoming Sikh, yoga swimming holes & naked yoga.

Our Hero tells tales about being anointed a Yogic Mystic after breaking through to the other side, all from the view of a yoga mat.

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The Fall of Man in AcroYoga & Calls for Matless Yoga

In Episode 17, Man suffers a shocking yet epic yoga fail doing AcroYoga, showing that even Man is fallible! Facing adversity with gusto and fury makes for riveting theatre of the absurd.

Expect wisdom and folly but also a previously hidden edginess as he begrudgingly accepts his own mortality all from the view of a yoga mat.

Rapid Fire Yoga: Playlists, Hot Yoga, Studio/Home Yoga & Men’s Yoga Pants

Episode 15. RAPID FIRE YOGA!! Our Hero is shooting from the hip. We cover Yoga Playlists, Hot Yoga, Benefits of both Studio & Home yoga. Yoga Pants for Men and our Hero finds a new favorite teacher.

Our Hero deconstructs yogic philosophy & world domination, all from the view of a yoga mat.

The Trappings of Fame & Silencing Yoga Critics

Episode 14 finds our Hero conflicted with his new found fame and all its trappings. Good does not always triumph.

We also see our Hero standing up to some critics, throwing down a yogic gauntlet. Riveting action from end to end, all seen as the view from a yoga mat.

Yogic Life Perspectives & INTERVIEW “Ganja Yoga” author Dee Dussault Part 2

In unlucky Episode 13, our Hero grieves over the awkwardness of Life, Loss and Yoga. We also have Part Deux of the interview with the author of “Ganja Yoga”, Dee Dussault.

Feeling the trappings of Fame, we see a different purview as our Hero grapples with balancing greatness with reality, all from the view of a yoga mat.

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