Man Versus Yoga

The Jim Ward

The Legend of The Man.

Once upon a time there was a man named Jim. He found himself as a gracefully-aging former athlete+artist. He needed an outlet -- an outlet for passion, frustration, and sheer lunacy that is life.

Going to Yoga for the first time is a scary experience. Jim dreamed of engaging in Yoga back in his days sitting above a brass band at the tail end of "Free Yoga Night" at Austin's famous and now defunct coffeeshop, Ruta Maya. Every time he saw someone walking with a Yoga mat in their bag, he wished he could be them. Jim was envious of the experience they were about to undertake. He was sullen about his absence from doing what he really wanted.

Jim tried learning some Yoga by watching YouTube lessons. He found some joy in learning the basics, yet lacked the true connection to Living, Breathing, and Focusing his mind and attention on perfection, poise and winning.

One day, Jim mustered up the courage to attend Yoga. The rest, is history.

The Jim Ward is Man.

Meet Man. Meet Man Versus Yoga.


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The Duplicity of Yoga

Jim's Professor Emeritus of Yoga introduces the wacky, absurd, and even the asinine aspects of Yoga.

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Events with Jim

Jim is a vaunted speech artist in the DFW, Texas area. Hire him to emcee your event. He can do quinceaneras, yoga gatherings, art galas, and other events.

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The Fall of Jim

Man Versus Yoga with Jim Ward

16 hours 14 minutes ago

Primitive Outdoor Yoga. Take your yoga practice with you everywhere you go because why not?? While night kayaking it felt so good stretching my back in this secret little spot we frequent.

Man Versus Yoga with Jim Ward

6 days 11 hours ago

I'm joining the Circus!! Or Cirque du Soleil to be precise this upcoming Fall almost certainly. I know, it's thrilling. I began my "Aerial Journey" at the most acclaimed Aerial Arts Studio around and probably in the world, Blue Lapis Light. I'm training under the fabulous Nicole Whiteside who is so cool and patient. I plan to make my public debut on Mount Rushmore with Explosions in the Sky providing the musical ambiance. Details to come...

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